About Me


 I live a quiet life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Born and raised in Detroit, the kid of a cop, I moved to a small town to raise my two young sons.  After that, I moved to an even smaller town to pursue my dreams of being self-sufficient and to explore my love of writing. 


   Being a life-long prepper, I have done numerous articles for magazines, and speaking engagements at conventions regarding the subject.

   My first published novel, The Journal: Cracked Earth, made the Best Seller's list in just six weeks. Book two of the series, Ash Fall, went to the printer eight months early because of the unprecedented popularity.  Book three, Crimson Skies, book four, Raging Tide and Fault Line, book five were to complete the series.  However too many unanswered questions lingered, which are now answered in the final release, Martial Law.
   The Journal Trilogy (a compilation of the first three books), and A Prepper's Cookbook, and EMPulse were all published in 2016.
   As an added note, I signed with Limitless Publishing for a romance series.  The first of The Roamer series is The Reef Roamer, released over this summer, and is being well received so far.  The Reef Roamer was actually my very first full length novel, written in 1992, but never submitted.  A step outside of my usual dystopian fiction, I hope you enjoy it.
   Because I write mostly in the winter, when I finish one story, I often start another.  One of my more recent works is a paranormal/time travel called Time Shadows, which is now available, and I have outlined some ideas for a sequel.  I'm also pleased to tell my avid followers that EMPulse2 has also been released, and EMPulse3 is now with the editor. As I sometimes do, take a break amidst a series and start a fresh book; this new one, entitled Polar Storm, I wrote between EMPulse2 and EMPulse3, and has just recently become available. I have ideas for a sequel to that one too, so keep an eye out for it in the near future.